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Musician, entertainer, writer, producer, booking agent--musical entrepreneur.  Archie Thompson has performed in, and booked music for the finest establishments in Southern California.  His original songs have been featured in films, television shows, and advertising campaigns. He operates his own recording studio and label, Higher Calling Records. Archie serves as the musical director for Jazz Vespers at First Presbyterian Church of San Diego   


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Archie uses his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, combined with decades of recording experience to create original music that is inspiring and marketable. He is an accomplished pianist/keyboardist and saxophonist, and also plays bass, drums, guitar, percussion, and sings. He is able to create great music, using real instruments on short notice. Archie's songs reflect his love and knowledge of American soul, gospel, jazz, and blues music, and have garnered numerous film, television, and advertising placements. Archie Thompson produces meaningful music that will stand the test of time.          

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Upscale lounges, fine dining, corporate and private events. The prime objective with any venues live music program is to enhance food and beverage revenue.  Our talented roster of artists are committed to performing music that is engaging, without being overwhelming. Archie Thompson Entertainment books only professional, full-time musicians, who understand the importance of sounding great, and also looking great!  We have established long standing relationships with our venues, and are always available for special needs and consultation. We have booked music for the world's most successful companies, and pride ourselves on our ability to custom tailor music for any event. Archie Thompson Entertainment works with the best event production, and destination management companies.        



Archie Thompson serves as musical director for Jazz Vespers at First Presbyterian Church of San Diego. This weekly worship service featuring jazz, blues, and gospel music, takes place in the chapel of one of downtown San Diego's oldest churches, and was the inspiration for Higher Calling Records. The pristine acoustics of the chapel provide a magnificent backdrop for Archie's musical endeavors, and this historical site serves as Higher Calling's headquarters. Through Higher Calling Records, Archie is dedicated to producing authentic, meaningful music.